Find BossMare Bodyworks at the following 2021 WYCHA events
- April 16-18 Laurel, MT
- May 14-16 Gilette, WY
- July 9-11 Wheatland, WY
- August 11-15 Big Piney, WY
- October 1-3 Gilette, WY

Hi my name is Ali Anderson and I am the therapist and owner of BossMare Bodyworks.  I have ridden my entire life and competed in equestrian sports since Jr. High.

Previously I worked for 10 years as a vet assistant/technician and loved working to help animals feel better. During this time I also worked for a number of NCHA Hall of Fame riders and learned how to condition, prepare, and manage the health of high caliber performance horses. These experiences along with my formal education and certifications prepared me to launch BossMare Bodyworks and to start helping other equestrians improve the health and performance of their equine partners and athletes. I currently live in Billings, Montana with my dogs and horses and I travel South for a few months each winter. I look forward to meeting you and your equine partners, please reach out to say hello or ask questions.

BossMare Bodyworks Services and Product Line


Bemer PEMF


Equine Massage

Equine Cranio-sacral Therapy


Hydro/Mud therapy

Cold Laser Therapy


Product Lines Carried

Back on Track

XLR8 Therapy

Equiflex Sleeves

Equithillaso Mud

Sore No More Products

Healthy Hair Solutions


Alison Anderson CEMT